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Pi Accountancy
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Worcester UNO

Rhiannon Cameron

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Pi Accountancy is a local practice run by local people and was set up with one aim… to offer our clients value.

Not just value in the sense of value for YOUR money but to value our customers as individuals with their own unique needs and requirements.

Our Goal – is to offer the best value for money service that YOUR money can buy.

At Pi we specialise in dealing with small to medium sized owner managed businesses. With our experiences in this sector, it has helped us to understand the specific needs of and the day to day problems facing owner/managers. With this in mind we aim to work with you and your business as pro-actively as you will allow us. Our aim at Pi Accountancy is to be more than a compliance service provider we want you to use us as business advisors and be an asset to your business.

We do not put our prices on the website unlike other accountants as one shoe does not fit all. We believe the service we provide should be tailored to your business and your requirements.

We can offer everything from tax planning, HMRC and Companies House compliance to a full bookkeeping service and everything in between.

Do you have that 5 minute question that you don’t ask your current accountant as you know you will be billed for it? Do not worry, at Pi all calls less than 15 minutes will not be charged for.

There’s no point being in business unless you know you’re making a profit and with the hard work and risks that comes with being in business it makes sense to minimise your tax.


01905 950443

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