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Become a Member of UNO Networking

UNO Members hold their 'Seat' at an UNO group by becoming a member of that regional group through an annual subscription AND an additional monthly meeting fee to cover venue and catering costs. It is possible to be a member of more than one UNO group, with a membership of both being required.

By becoming a member of UNO, you are automatically a member of Talk Business UK! For more information please visit the Talk Business UK website.

IMPORTANT: You will need to confirm with us that your seat category is still available within the group you are hoping to join before you purchase membership, by contacting us.

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Join UNO Networking

  • Best Value

    Annual UNO Membership (Paid Annually)

    Every year
    Price INCLUDES VAT (Net £350). The annual UNO Membership buys your 'seat' at the networking table at your chosen UNO group. The Monthly Meeting fee must be bought in conjunction with the membership.
    • Become a member of UNO Networking and join the conversation!
  • Annual UNO Membership (Paid Monthly)

    Every month
    (Inclusive of VAT) To help with cash flow, we offer an annual membership to be paid monthly. Please make sure you have also purchased the monthly meeting fee.
    • Spread the cost of membership over the year.
  • Meeting Fee to be paid monthly to attend

    Every month
    (Inclusive of VAT) This fee pays for the venue and catering costs each month and must be set up at the same time as the Annual UNO Membership
    • Must be purchased in conjunction with Membership
  • Meeting Fee for Dean and Wye UNO ONLY

    Every month
    (Inclusive of VAT) Dean and Wye UNO is only meeting once a month at the moment. Once the group meets twice a month, the monthly meeting fee will be £40
    • ONLY for Dean and WYE UNO meeting
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