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Sarah Cook

HR People Support
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HR People Support Ltd is based in Cheltenham with 6 employed HR Consultants and with over 250 clients across the UK.  We are dedicated to enhancing business performance through strategic human resource management. Our philosophy at HR People Support is founded on the principle that businesses excel when individuals do. We understand that effective and efficient work is the product of clear objectives, defined structures and robust processes aligned with your business purpose and goals. Our approach is rooted in the belief that engagement, motivation, challenge and support are key to unlocking the potential of your workforce.

We specialise in optimising talent, skill and experience within your team by clarifying roles and expectations, fostering an environment where individuals thrive and teams excel, significantly impacting your bottom line. Our commitment extends beyond meeting legal and compliance obligations; we focus on ensuring your staff feel valued, receive constructive feedback and are rewarded for their contributions. At HR People Support, we are your partners in embedding employee engagement at the core of your workforce, driving productivity and achieving your business growth ambitions.

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