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We all know that feeling when we have had a great day or weekend with friends and come away feeling positive and inspired. Why can't networking be like that? We can't promise you a BBQ at sunset on the beach with your friends, well, not yet anyway, but we can offer a better way of connecting with other businesses.


Good networking is not all about 'rules' and following a formula. It is about real people supporting each other and becoming a strong and inspiring group.

We believe at UNO, that people do business with people they get to 'know' and, to accomplish this, we offer informal networking events that enable people to really talk to each other with no rules and formalities.

Our only RULE is.... BE THERE! 

You will only get out of networking what you put into it.

UNO is a 'Single Seat' networking meeting held twice a month. To see if there is a slot for your business or service at a regional UNO group, please get in touch with us.

MORE about the annual membership fee.

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What is UNO?
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About UNO

UNO is a part of the successful Talk Business UK business support group that was established in 2010. Members of an UNO Group are also automatically members of Talk Business UK and can take part in the many business events that are held.

Our Ambassadors ...


Sarah Cross (My VOS) and Murray Scholefield (Evolve Financial Services) are supporting the Talk Business UK and UNO networks and helping our members get the most out of their memberships, by making sure they know about all the events that are taking place.


You will see both Sarah and Murray at our events, so please make sure you chat to them and tell them what you are hoping to get out of your membership and what type of businesses are you wanting to connect with. They are looking to help and support you!

Jonathan Smith (MD of Talk Business UK and UNO) will often be at events and, again, please chat with him as he has a wealth of knowledge about local businesses and how to help you connect across the region.


Murray Scholefield

Being an UNO member has enabled me to meet a great group of business contacts across Warwickshire and beyond; establish and develop relationships with prospects and enjoy the very best of networking in the region.  The concept of ‘relaxed networking, serious business’ is evident, and the format really does work well.  With a range of locations, venues and time-slots, there is always an opportunity to network.
"I love being a part of UNO -
I get to network and collaborate with brilliant business owners locally, and I have access to a much wider network of trusted businesses across the region and beyond.  The single-seat strategy works really well to grow a strong network of business relationships."

Catherine Collar
Collar Mortgages Services

"Every time I come along to one of your meetings, I fall in love with Talk Business UK, Talk Property and UNO a little bit more!"

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