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Jonathan Smith

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I created the Stratford Business Forum back in 2010 and from that, other Forum groups developed around the region and became very popular. In February 2020  Business Forum groups were rebranded as Talk Business UK and, very soon after that, we had to quickly rethink how we supported our business members, as Covid created a new work environment. Online meetings became the lifeline for businesses during that time and smaller groups developed supporting each other through a extremely tough time.

It was expressed that, these groups wanted to stay together once we were allowed to meet in person again and, from that desire, the UNO Networking groups began. Talk Business UK still holds the original 'BIG Breakfast', Talk Property, Talk Manufacturing and Let's Talk events and we still support charity through the Talk Charity meetings but, in just one year, we have seen the enormous enthusiasm for the UNO Networking style really grow.

After over 25 years of 'Networking' I have experienced all of the different methods used! What I have understood over that time, is that people 'do business' with people they grow to know and like and not those who shout the loudest at a 'Speed Networking' session or pass out the most business cards.

UNO Networking, therefore, is a relaxed place to be, where real business connections are fostered and support is given to all. Yes, it is relaxed, but serious business is certainly done!

UNO Networking is 'Single Seat' and the only rule that we have is that, once you have bought that seat for the year, you must keep it warm! You will only get out of networking what you put into it.



07966 512 573

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