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David Wilson

David Wilson
Marketing Research
UNO Group:
Coventry UNO

David Wilson

UNO Seat:

Using customer perceptions we create marketing campaigns with compelling brand propositions; engaging your customers and resulting in a lasting brand connection.


How we help

We’ll help you understand the experience and perceptions of staff, clients, prospects and suppliers. What we discover can be used to create a compelling brand proposition to attract the ‘ideal customer’ and retain the right staff.


What we do

  • Research: ‘What’s it like to walk in your customers shoes’

From an in-depth brief, through mystery shopping to depth interviews with customers. We are determined to get the richest understanding of the meanings and feelings that drive customers to choose your product or service.

  • Design: ‘Bringing your brand to life’Whether it’s for brand awareness, positioning or campaigns for lead generation, we love making your valuable difference attractive, accessible and motivating.

  • Marketing: ‘Becoming famous’ It could be in a website, on social media or on the side of a bus. Finding the most effective way of engaging with your prospective customers is the culmination of what we do. Seeing and monitoring commercial results and the return on investment is the ultimate in fulfilment for us.


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