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Financial Advisor
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Sean Briggs

Lee Newton Financial Services
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What if a conversation about finances was anxiety free, non-judgemental, and well…interesting.  

  • What if that conversation was more about you and the people that matter most to you.  

  • How about if that conversation helped you constructed and visualise a future where you and your loved ones could spend more of your time and energy involved in, and enjoying the adventures that you value the most.  

  • How would you feel if this conversation led to the forming of an evolving plan which will not only bring those aspirations and goals you have mentally created into focus, but also allow the person you are having the conversation with, to walk step by step with you towards these ‘future self’ destinations.  

Does that sound more appealing than ‘been given financial advice’?  

Some people wonder why after over 20 years in the field of talk therapy as a qualified mental health nurse I became a financial adviser.  

The answer is straightforward than most people expect. Put simply, I have a passion for forming strong working relationships that are based on trust. My goal is to empower those I work alongside to make the choices they feel are right for them. In sharing expert knowledge and taking the role of a coach; I support my clients to develop, form, implement and perfect habits and practices which lead to taking action aligned with their values, helping them achieve their financial aspirations and goals.  

Equally important to me is time I get to spend sharing experiences with family and friends. I am a keep fit enthusiast. I love reading a good ‘detective’ novel- especially if the protagonist’s name is ‘Jack’, watching series on streamed tv, and most of all I enjoy nothing more than swapping ideas and stories over a glass or two of wine at the weekend with those willing to share and listen.  

You can talk to me about the below services:  

• Investment Planning  

• Retirement Planning  

• Inheritance Tax Planning  

• Protection Planning  

At Lee Newton Financial Services we work diligently, passionately, and professionally to help clients to invest wisely to combat inflation; minimise taxation, arrange their estates for simplicity and ease of understanding, and meet their business and family succession plans. It is our mission to take each individual client(s) on a journey which we simplify into three stages: accumulating wealth, retiring and utilising wealth, and preserving wealth for future generations. 

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