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Sarah Cross

Member of: Cheltenham UNO
UNO Seat: Personal Stylist, Seamstress & Speaker

Talk Business UNO Ambassador 


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What we wear is how we present ourselves to the World, and today when human contacts are getting quicker, we can use our clothing choices as an instant language.


I help women project professionalism, confidence, and success by finding the right balance between fashion-forward style and business-appropriate image. My Style services include a half day Wardrobe Edit, curating outfits, maximising your existing collection, and solving garment fit issues; all before consideration to adding more. My process identifies what is not working for you, and how to move this surplus on ethically, on your terms.


If you are ready to delve into the nooks of how to implement Personal Styling and seek genuine, long-term success, that ultimately uses clothing to elevate your life and well-being, I offer a range of services, workshops and talks for individuals and groups. 

Contact Sarah...

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Tel: 07770  417 418

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