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Rahul Murthy Krishnamoorthy Pergola Drin

Rahul Murthy Krishnamoorthy

Member of: North Cotswolds UNO
UNO Seat: Drink Producer

Pergola Drinks

Pergola Drinks North Cotswolds UNO.png

I created Pergola Drinks Ltd. to bring the joy of good quality Tequila drinks - we want to make this more mainstream. It isn't just about the tequila, why does one need hundreds of ingredients at home if you need a decent cocktail?  The idea is to live in the moment, while Pergola will do all the mixing of the drinks! 


The tequila market is still in its infancy - while gin is plateauing, and rum is on a growth spurt, Tequila based drinks are underrated, but have a following that is slowly growing. Pergola is poised to have an established presence as a quality tequila drinks provider once the drinks go more mainstream. The strategy requires patience and we will be sticking to our plans.


Aside from all this, I am a keen environmentalist with a special interest in afforestation/reforestation programmes and reducing single use plastic in our day to day lives. I am a big believer that every one of us should incorporate the values of the 'Circular Economy' into our daily lives.

Contact Rahul ...

Tel: 07792 719 968

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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