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Image by Kimson Doan

North Cotswolds UNO

Venue: The Seagrave Arms, Weston sub Edge
Dates: 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY each month


NORTH COTSWOLDS UNO has just opened and is looking for people to take their 'seat' at the networking table. Contact us if you would like to join this growing group.

Jo Henderson_edited.jpg

North Cotswolds UNO Leader 
Gone Consulting

Adam Bate Spring Forward landscaping North Cotswolds UNO jpg_edited.jpg

Spring Forward Landscaping

Rahul Murthy Krishnamoorthy Pergola Drinks_edited.jpg

Drink Producer

Pergola Drinks

Pierse Herrod - Grenfell James N Cots UN

Pierse Herrod

Grenfell James

Chartered Accountant

Georgina Evans Goodrich - Lets Culminate - North Cotswolds UNO.png

Georgina Evans Goodrich

Let's Culminate
PR & Marketing

Helen Deegan North Cotswolds UNO Networking UNO_edited.jpg

Montpellier Wealth Management

Image by Kimson Doan

Joining North Cotswold UNO

If you would like to join the group at UNO then please CONTACT us to confirm your 'seat' is available. 

If you are interested in helping launch a new UNO group, let us know!

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