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Andrew Beaumont

Member of: Coventry UNO

UNO Seat: HR

AJB HR Consultancy 

AJB HR Consultancy Log_Master.jpg

The business AJB HR Consultancy is a fully outsourced, bespoke HR Consultancy with a client base across the entire country.  Working on an exclusively retained basis, we provide straight talking, commercially aware HR advice and guidance to clients in almost every sector. 


We deal with contracts of employment to redundancies and restructures and everything in between.  Looking for mental health training for your managers or a plan to work on employee engagement?  We can help. We only work with clients who have similar values to us.  This means that we turn away as many clients aswe accept and currently have a waiting list for our services.

Contact Andrew...

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Tel:  01788 228608

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